This page will help you get started with the CanIPhish API.

Note: The CanIPhish API is currently under development. Please anticipate frequent changes.

Welcome to the CanIPhish API documentation suite. CanIPhish provide a self-service phishing simulation tool. In this documentation you'll find detailed walkthroughs and examples on how you can utilise the CanIPhish API to manage your platform. At current, our API supports the following high-level functionality:

  • Domain Supply Chain Scan
  • Campaign Management
  • Target Management
  • User Management
  • Phishing Material Management
  • Reporting

For information relating to our phishing email/website libraries, how to run a phishing campaign, how we compare to open source phishing simulators or what security awareness training modules we support, please refer to the CanIPhish website.

If you're looking to increase employee awareness of cyber risks, look at our blog covering popular techniques to promote cyber awareness in 2024.